The beatcave is a place of home! David is caring, professional and supportive. He believes in your dreams and creates the magic to produce the best sound!So grateful for being apart of it all! Much love.

Missy D - Rapper - https://soundcloud.com/themissyd

Not only has David been a reliable friend and engineer, he has become an integral part of creating our sound. Truly a pleasure to work with.

Sound Of Kalmia - Artists and Producer Duo - https://soundcloud.com/soundofkalima

I spent a solid 5 months working with David on an EP that will be available come August. I have spent hours on end at the Beatcave with him and we not only wound up crafting a record we can both be proud of, but also a hopefully long-lasting creative friendship. Like any good producer, David knows when to voice his opinions concerning the improvement of certain aspects, as well as when to take a step back and allow the artist to take the initiative. I can only recommend working with him and look forward to doing so in the future.

Gert Taberner - Singer/Songwriter - https://www.gerttabernermusic.com

You were a dream to work with on this project, as always! So excited that we discovered that working together long distance totally works. Can't wait to do more soon :) Thanks so much for being so generous with me and putting in so many hours right in the midst of the holiday season so I could meet my target timeline! I super appreciate it <3

Mila Marie - Singer/Songwriter - https://milamarie.bandcamp.com

Beyond being a talented, insightful, and dedicated producer, David is just a great human being who is hard not to like. He provides a keen attention to detail and quality while simultaneously making sure he is helping you get the sound you want. David is a professional, passionate about his craft, and believes in the artists he works with.

Thorin Loeks - Singer/Songwriter - https://thorinloeks.com

David's attention to detail is immaculate, and his eclectic ear and years of mastery behind the boards make him the best engineer I've ever worked with. He's also the only sound engineer I plan on working with for the foreseeable future.

Ekke - Rapper - https://soundcloud.com/itsekke

David is an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve known him for about seven years now and there’s no questioning his ear for music. I recently asked David to put together a few instrumental pieces for a documentary I co-produced, called I’m Still Linda. Upon giving him an idea of what we were looking for, David delivered immediately. The documentary was received quite well, and went on to play at CKNW, a major radio station in Vancouver. There’s no doubt David was a major part of that, as his music helped illustrate the emotional storytelling we wanted to communicate. I would work with David again, and recommend his talents to anyone looking for imaginative, creative music.

Ria Renouf - News Anchor - https://globalnews.ca/author/ria-renouf/